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Etakmir is an application that helps muslims find information about Islamic studies, speakers, teachers to help to study Quran, Arabic language. Providers can register their profile, insert information about their education, skills etc and muslims across the world can browse to find one who meets their requirements. Services provided contain experts in tafseer, Hadith,Islamic law, general studies, Quran studies, tilawati quran and Arabic language. This app also helps muslims to follow activities and event taking place all over the world. With calendar at your disposal you can create or book an event being sure that double booking is impossible.


E-DOC is an electronic document management system specially customized for state authories and local goverments. It,s combines classic documents management and basic executive functions.
E-DOC provides reliable, transparent and controlled execution of automated processes of all main types of documents, the generation of various reports, the formation of an electronic archive of document, the maintenance of personal and personal documentation, and much more.